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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Is moving

This blog is currently in the process of moving. I know there been no updates in a good few months -been a little busy lately. None the less its on it way back and can now be found at

It's still taking its time to find its feet but new post will be at the new address.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Paper Money

How freaking amazing are these.

I'm pretty certain that I saw this larger one at a previously mentioned Leeds Modern Art exhibition a month or so ago. There are loads more at Peter Callesens website.

Peter Callesen

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Threadless Retails Opens in Chicago

Threadless finally launched a retail store in Chicago. Although I don't think Threadless are quite what they used to be a year or two ago the store looks pretty impressive and has been kitted and fitted with loads of new stuff including new iMacs which look superb. This little quote from their site explains it all really.

"We decided to focus the store on just the newest 2 weeks worth of designs plus a few exclusives, starting with the Glennz/Arzie13 tee. There will only be 20 designs for sale in the store at any given moment. Each of the 20 designs gets its own special area complete with an LCD display cycling through various photos and close-ups of the design, comments from the original submission and other rad stuff. The designs for sale will change weekly, as will the store window."

They're also introducing some unique features such as releasing new tees in store first before announcing them online on Fridays, Threadless Upstairs - a space in store to offer group crits, digital/creative lessons and seminars and talks by winning designs which could be very engaging. Hopefully some will appear on YouTube soon. They've also introduced a nifty bag policy - Reusable Tote-style Bags.

Hopefully I'll be in Chicago to check it out sometime soon. There are plenty of other photos of the store online at Flickr.

Mmmm... bread

I saw this awesome little exhibition whilst in Leeds recently (well back in July). I can't remember all the details but something to do with a small group of crafters/illustrators. Amazing little bird boxs and patterned woodblocks - really nice asthetics to the little exhibition. I don't really have any more info other than the Art Galleries website, I really should pay more attention in future.

Leeds Modern Art Gallery

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Blik Graphics

Wall graphics and vinyls are way cool. Blik have been doing a 'heart' threadless promo for a while now and some of them look awesome. Maybe when I finally get a place on my own after graduating I may have to invest. Blik are also running a vote system to turn many other Threadless designs into surface graphics here.

Great playful little site and some really nice photography of the vinyls and stickers in actions (they might not actually be vinyls though).

More at


I've been a bit of a geek lately and trying to sort out my music collection and get all the album artwork. I know stupid ah but it's a complete mess. Anyway whilst looking for a Bonobo album I stumbled on this gem. Never listened to Quantic but very cool album cover.

Part of the One Off's Remixes and B Sides collection, kind of along the lines of DJ Kicks, Back to Mine, etc. I'm sure you could build an epic music collection just by having all these albums. Honest.

One Offs Remixes and B-Sides ~ Quantic

Back again.... hopefully.

It's been a wee while since I last made a proper post, my own fault really. Few hick-ups here and there and problems that life throws at you every now and again. End of excuses. I've managed to collect a bit of a back log of stuff to put up-d'oh. My macbook is also back in for repair again so lets see if it comes back in one pieces. Hopefully I'll start with a little more regular posting from now on.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Its Nice That

Simple. Its Nice That. Blog.